Saliva Drug Test at Home – a Convenient Way to Detect Drug Addiction

Increasing number of teens are falling prey to drug addiction. The parents find themselves into a very complicated situation as they do not have any quick way to be sanguine if their children have used drugs or not. Many a promising student gets trapped into this situation and hardly finds a way to disentangle them. But nowadays saliva drug test is an effective means of detecting the drug abuse cases.  The illegal drugs are easily available in the market nowadays. Though they are banned by the government still the drug peddlers throw dust on the eyes of the guards and always find a way to sell them in the dimly lit alleys. Sometimes the police, being lured by money, also get involved into this conspiracy.

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Whatever be the way to secure the drugs, a saliva drug test can ascertain if your child is abusing drug or not. There are several drugs that are considered illegal as they can make a user feel a certain sense of ecstasy for a temporary period. Once a person gets addicted to these drugs, he experiences breathing problems, dizziness, loss of appetite and several others physical problems he is kept away from these drugs. So parents need to adopt protective measure in case their children are identified as drug addicted. The availability of the saliva drug test kits at home makes it easy for the parents to get the test conducted in the most discreet fashion. A swab is used in such a test to collect the sample of saliva.

Most of the drugs appear in the sample, so the saliva drug test can effectively identify the names of the used drugs. But an important point is to be noted in this context that these drugs remain in the saliva for a fixed period ranging from 12 to 72 hours. So, it is always better if the saliva drug test is conducted earlier. The statistics reveals that most of the teenagers try drugs at the parties. In fact the rocking parties at many nightclubs have become a hub to collect these drugs and try out. Saliva drug test comes handy to detect if you teenage daughter or son had such an experience at the last night party as the drug can be traced even after a long period of taking it.

Saliva drug test is also inexpensive as compared with the other types of drug testing. Someone may raise a question regarding the accuracy of the saliva drug test result. Though it does not provide any assurance of 100 percent accuracy, still one can expect 97 percent accuracy ( approximately) in case of saliva drug test. Another benefit of this test is that the result is obtained within just ten minutes.

In case one resorts to the home drug test, there is no question of traveling to a lab and waiting in a queue to get the result. Saliva alcohol test is also preferred by the parents as it is less expensive but provides an accurate and quick result. As saliva can be collected without any need for privacy as required in the case of urine drug test, so the teens can not replace the samples with the new ones. In other words, there is no chance of cheating in this case. A saliva drug test is effectively able to keep the teenagers far off from these illegal objects. It is the most convenient way of clearing doubts of the parents and also having an clear idea about the types of friends you child is hobnobbing with. Even the outcome of the saliva drug test comes positive, you should strike a polite conversation with your teen and insist him or her to deviate from this way and opt for a new life style.